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This site provides you with a wealth of information on creating, updating and using your Bongo4U website. Whether you have just started using a Bongo4U website recently, or have been using one already, this site contains answers and guidance with common questions.

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Bongo4U: What types of content can be added to a page?

Content (paragraphs, lists, images, etc.) is added to a page by adding content "blocks." There are a variety of content block types available as follows:

  • WYSIWYG - This is the most common and flexible block. It allows the addition of headlines, sub-heads, text/paragraphs, images/pictures, embedded media (i.e. videos), bulleted lists, tables, horizontal lines and more. It also allows alignment of content, formatting (e.g. bold, italics, strikethrough), adding of links to other pages or sites, or to uploaded files such as .pdf, .doc, .pps, .xls and others.
  • Email Form - Create a set of questions to be answered and the answers will be emailed to a predefined email address (e.g. to you). The email form supports a variety of answer types, including single line text, multi-line text area, radio button lists, checkbox lists, select box lists, etc.
  • Site Search Form - This block generates a search box that users can search all text on all pages of your site. Results (matches) are sorted by relevance.
  • Slideshow Plus - An automatically playing slideshow of your uploaded images. Have one or many slideshows on your site. Select from a variety of transition effects, durations, display sizes, and many other parameters (or just take the defaults). Can optionally have captions and/or clickable links for each image.
  • Testimonials - You can enter a number of testimonials or comments about your organization, products or services, and then have them randomly displayed on any page(s) of your website.
  • Product Catalog - If products are enabled for your site, this block will display your catalog of products by category. You can add this block to any page of your site where you would like your catalog displayed.
  • Promotional Products - If products are enabled for your site, this block will display all products that are currently on promotion (based upon each product's promo date range). If no products are on promotion on a given day, then it displays random products from your catalog. You can add this block to any page of your site. Many people put this near the top of their default/home page. If products are not enabled, then these two product-related blocks will not be available.
  • Social Media Widget - Allows the display of any combination of social media icons on your website, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Logos - Allows the display of vendor or other logos that you sell, support or service, all auto-formatted into groups of logos based upon your selections.
  • Countdown - Adds a "Countdown Box" on any page that displays the number of days/hours/minutes until a date or timestamp that you provide. It can also display an optional message after the target time has passed.
  • Definition - Allows the addition of "pairs of content" such as "question & answer" pairs for making FAQ entries, or "terms and definitions" pairs for making a glossary of terms, etc.
  • Definition (Expand/Collapse) - Same as "Definition" but all answers are suppressed (hidden) by default. The user is provided with a link to display or "unhide" the answer. This allows the display of many topics with minimal space, and only the topics which are clicked will open up to reveal their answers. Answers can be toggled opened or closed. Great for FAQ entries. Can also generate a Permalink to any specific entry.
  • Basic Markup - Allows the addition of simple text/paragraphs. An optional headline can be added at the top of this block. Most people find the WYSIWYG block to be more flexible, but this block exists if you wish to limit text entry to a very minimal set of capabilities.
  • Headline - Allows the addition of a major headline or heading. (This can also be done within the WYSIWYG block)
  • Subhead - Allows the addition of a secondary headline or sub-heading. (This can also be done within the WYSIWYG block)
  • Image - Allows the importing of an image/picture. An optional headline can be added above the image/picture and an optional caption can be displayed below the image/picture. Most people prefer to just work with a more general WYSIWYG block where images, video, text, etc., can all be maintained within the one block.
  • RSS Feed Reader - Allows the display of the most recent "N" entries from an RSS feed from a blog or other RSS source.
  • RawHTML - Only for advanced users who understand how to write HTML code and understand the impact it might have on other areas of the page or website. Incorrect or incompatible HTML code may cause unpredictable results for all or some users and/or for all or portions of your website.

The above is only a partial list. New content block types are being added all the time to the Bongo4U system. Login to Admin Mode and hover over the Page Menu and then over "Add to this Page" to see a current list of available content block types.

To add a content block to a page, refer to the "How do I add content to a page" entry.


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