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This site provides you with a wealth of information on creating, updating and using your Bongo4U website. Whether you have just started using a Bongo4U website recently, or have been using one already, this site contains answers and guidance with common questions.

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Bongo4U: How to Embed (Play) a YouTube, Vimeo or other third party Video on a page?

Login to Admin Mode and go to the page where you want to embed the video by clicking that page's link in the navigation or by using the "Pages..." option on the admin menu.

You may use this feature to embed (play) a video within a WYSIWYG block on any page of your website, from any of the following supported third party video sites:

  • DailyMotion
  • MySpace
  • Vimeo
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube

Click the "Block: WYSIWYG" link to edit your page's content. Determine the location on the page where you want the video embedded (displayed) and click at that location (move your cursor to the insert location). It is best to embed a video on its own empty line, so position your cursor at the end of the previous paragraph and press Enter to create a new line/paragraph.

On this empty line, you need to enter a video embed tag. This tag must be in a specific format (shown below), and you will need to specify which site you are getting the video from, and what the video's unique Video ID is on that site. This will be explained below.

Video Tag Format: {{bongo4u=video|site=SITENAME|video_id=1234567890}}

Example #1: To embed a YouTube video, first go to the site, find the video and play it. You web browser will show the URL or address of this video. Within that URL will be the video's unique Video ID. For example, viewing a video at this URL "" you will see the Video ID is the "v=" parameter, in this case "WPSMsptRrvI". To embed this YouTube video in a WYSIWYG block, just enter the following code on its own empty line:


Optionally, you can tell the code what the display width and height is for the video, so that the player knows what size to use. Just optionally add the |width=N and |height=N parms to the above tag, as follows:


Example #2: To embed a Vimeo video that plays on the site using URL "" we can see that its unique Video ID is "19050434", therefore the video embed tag to play this video on your website within a WYSIWYG block would be either of the following tags:



Here are the valid values for the "site=" parameter:

  • site=dailymotion for a DailyMotion video
  • site=myspace for a MySpace video
  • site=vimeo for a Vimeo video
  • site=yahoo for a Yahoo video
  • site=youtube for a YouTube video

You may embed videos from third party video sites on any page that has a WYSIWYG block. You can also embed multiple videos within the same WYSIWYG block, just ensure that each video embed tag is on its own empty line.

Once you are done embedding videos, save the changes to your WYSISYG block by clicking the [Save Changes] button.

Remember to test your video embeds to ensure that they work as expected.

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