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Bongo4U: How do I add a Facebook Page Feed to my website?

This feature lets you display the most recent posts from a Facebook Page on any page of your website. You can optionally define the width, height, and other parameters for the display, or just take the defaults.

Login to Bongo4U Admin Mode and go to the page that you want to display the tweets on by clicking on that page's link in the navigation.

Once you are on the correct page, hover your mouse over the "Page Menu" link located near the top of the page. The Page Menu will appear.

Hover over the "Add to This Page" option and a sub-menu will appear.

Click on the "Facebook Page Feed" option on the sub-menu. This will ask you for options for your Facebook Page Feed block. You are NOT done yet.

Answer the questions to define what the block should display...

Facebook Page URL: Enter the full URL (web address) of the Facebook Page that you wish to display on your website. For example, "" -- This is a case-insensitive field, but it must begin with either "" or ""

The remaining fields are optional, but they will help you customize the resulting display.

Width: The width in pixels of the display box. It defaults to 300 pixels if not specified.

Height: The height in pixels of the display box. Leave it empty for the default. Click the "?" help link for details since its default it dependent upon other parameters.

Show Faces: If "No" then only the Page's wall posts will be displayed. If "Yes" then one or two rows of Facebook users who have Liked the Page will be displayed at the bottom of the Page's wall posts in the display box.

The remaining fields let you customize the whether the post headings are suitable for a light or dark web site color theme, and/or what the background color will be for the display box. If you click the default background color code, then a "color selector" widget will pop-up so you can scroll through a 'rainbow' of available color choices and experiment with various settings.

When you are finished, press the [Save Changes] button. This displays the requested wall posts on the current page.

To move the Facebook Page Feed block to the desired location or order on the page, refer to the "How do a change the order of blocks on a page" entry.

Note: If the administrator of the specified Facebook Page has set access restrictions on the Page (e.g. minimum age, not from county A, B or C, etc.), then users will need to be logged into the Facebook system in order for Facebook to provide users with a feed of wall posts, so that the Facebook system knows if a given user satisfies the Page's access requirements. This is a Facebook mandated condition that cannot be bypassed. If a user is not logged in, then a link will be provided with a message asking them to login to access the content (this is all automatic). On the other hand, if the Page has no access restrictions, then there is no need for users to be logged in to see the Page's wall posts.


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