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This site provides you with a wealth of information on creating, updating and using your Bongo4U website. Whether you have just started using a Bongo4U website recently, or have been using one already, this site contains answers and guidance with common questions.

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Bongo4U: How do I take a Product OFF Promotion?

A product is considered "on-promotion" if: (a) it has a valid date specified for both its Promotion Start Date and Promotion End Date; and (b) today's date is between or on these start and end dates.

A product will automatically "go off promotion" when the current date passes the Promotion End Date. There is no need to edit the product to take it off promotion unless you wish to end its promotional period earlier than expected or cancel its promotion, etc.

Login to Bongo4U Admin Mode.

Hover over the "Products..." option on the Page menu, hover over the Category that contains the product which you want to take off promotion, and click on the name of the product. If you don't have a "Products..." option on your Page menu, then refer to help entry "How do I Enable my Site for Products".

You will see the Edit Products form.

Either set both the Promotion Start Date and Promotion End Date fields to empty dates, or just set the Promotion End Date to a date in the past (e.g. set it to yesterday).

The Promotional Price can be left as-is (or cleared) since it will not be displayed on non-promotion (regular) days.

Click the [Save Changes] button to store your revisions.


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