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Website Stats  

Bongo4U has built-in website statistics. The stats data is automatically updated each night to include the previous day's activities.

The web stats are available from your main menu (after you login to your Bongo4U website). Just select the "Web Stats" option.

However, in addition to the built-in web stats, you can also use the Google Analytics system to gather and display stats about your website.

Bongo4U has built-in integration with the Google Analytics (GA) system. All you need to do is generate a GA ID code and enter it into your Bongo4U website. This is explained in the following short blog entry: Add Google Analytics to your Bongo4U site

Or if you'd like help adding the Google Analytics capability to your website, just contact us and ask! (Submit a help desk ticket)

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Promote your company with Google Maps  

Here's what you need to do to LIST & PROMOTE your business on Google Maps.
It's invaluable and it's a free service. Basically it enhances your map on your website's Contact page. You get to add your website link, photos and your company name to Google Maps.

Here's an Example

Step 1 - Get a Gmail Account

  • You need a Gmail account.
  • If you don't already have a free Gmail account, then Visit Gmail and click the "Create an account" button.
  • Or we can create one on your behalf if you request it via the Help Desk.

Step 2 - Google Places

Step 3 - Required Information

  • Be sure to login with your Gmail account (if prompted to login)
  • Click the [Add new business] button
  • Fill in all the details about your business
  • To take care of SEO (search engine optimization) include relevant keywords about your business in the Description
  • You must make sure that the listing is added to the relevant Category
  • Click the [Next] button

Step 4 - Duplicate Entry?

  • If there are any possible duplicate entries in the system for your city, they will be displayed and you will be asked to either claim a previously existing entry as your entry, or you will be able to click the [Add Listing] or similar button if your new entry is unique. This step might by skipped if there are no similarly named businesses already in the system.

Step 5 - Additional Information

  • Optionally enter additional information about your business, for example, hours of operation, payment options, photos, videos, etc.
  • You can add up to 10 photos and/or 5 videos to your listing, which can really enhance your listing in Google Maps
  • Although listings can be edited later, it will take 60 days for changes to go public. So be sure all your information is entered correctly.
  • Click the [Submit] button

Step 6 - Verify Your Business

  • Google Local activation.
    You have 3 activation options: (Once the activation has been processed, your business listing will be made public 60 days later)
    • Option 1 TELEPHONE
      You can use telephone activation if you need quick listing. Google staff will contact you and confirm the address for activation.
    • Option 2 SMS
      SMS (txt msg) activation will be quick but your mobile number will be listed as a main telephone number in the listing, which is usually NOT a good idea (not recommended).
    • Option 3 POST CARD
      Postcard method can take 2 weeks, you receive a postcard from Google with the activation code. It is mailed to the physical address specified in your listing.

Step 7 - Complete the process

  • Once you have verified your business, be sure to record the pin number Google has supplied. Input this number into the submit box on your Google Places Dashboard under Your Business Status

Good luck! and let us know if you have any questions.


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Bongo4U Blog  

There are blog articles about how to do a variety of functions in or on your Bongo4U website. How to add such-and-such, how to enable certain features, how to move something, etc. etc.

You can visit the blog at http://Bongo4uBlog.com -- and bookmark it.

You can also automatically receive new blog postings by email by subscribing here. You can unsubscribe at any time.


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Bongo4U on Twitter  

Follow @Bongo4U on Twitter to be kept up-to-date on Bongo4U Blog postings and on other Bongo4U related activity, such as possible server downtime, not that that would ever happen, but if so, Twitter is often used to communicate unexpected availability issues.


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Using Dropbox to Send Files to Emerge2  

Some clients need to send files to Emerge2 as part of a project Emerge2 is doing with the client.

Instead of attaching the files to email messages, an easy way to send files to and from Emerge2 is to use the free third-party Dropbox service, as follows:

  1. If you received an invite email saying "Emerge2 Digital invited you to Dropbox" then click its "Get started here" link to create a free Dropbox account. Otherwise use this link to create a free Dropbox account: http://db.tt/ivom9j3W
  2. Add your name & email address, etc. to the "Create a Free Dropbox Account" form and click [Create Account]
  3. You will be prompted to download the Dropbox software (follow the easy instructions, it automatically installs itself, you can usually just accept its defaults).

Once it is installed, send us an email (to your usual Emerge2 contact or to dropbox@emerge2.com) and we will share a folder with your Dropbox account.

You will receive an email saying, "Emerge2 Digital wants to share..." with a link in it. Click the link and then the resulting [Accept] button. We now have a shared folder between our organizations.

After that, to send any files to Emerge2, just: (1) copy them into your local Dropbox "Emerge2" folder, and (2) send us an email so we know to grab the files. That's it!

You can use the Dropbox folder to send files to Emerge2, to receive files from Emerge2, and to share files with other organizations or people.

Note: Dropbox's free accounts have a disk space limit which is currently 2 GB of data. This should be sufficient for most uses, especially if the recipient of the files deletes the files after they receive them. You can always optionally upgrade your Dropbox account if additional disk space is needed.


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